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Property owners install privacy fences for a variety of purposes. For example, commercial fencing clients often add privacy fencing to security fencing and gates to provide even more protection and confidentiality for their customers, products or services. Conversely, homeowners explore residential privacy fences that take factors like pets, uses for the outdoor space and property value into consideration. Here, we’ll provide a quick overview of the different types of privacy fences and offer some questions to ask yourself and you determine the right option you. 

Types of Privacy Fences 

Many common types of fences can also be used as privacy fences. Often, the addition of fencing slats or closer proximity between panels contributes to achieving the desired level of privacy and associated functions. Here are some popular types of privacy fences:

  • Vinyl fencing is one celebrated fencing choice that also offers many benefits as a privacy fence, such as durability and weather-resistance. These characteristics of vinyl fencing help prevent gaps from occuring between the panels which would compromise the intended privacy level.
  • Plastic or metal slats are one feature that can be added to new or existing chain link fences or other metal fencing options, like aluminum. Property owners can continue to benefit from the low-maintenance characteristics of these fencing options while also increasing the level of privacy.
  • Wood fences are versatile and available in a wide range of styles. These attributes make this type of privacy fence easy to adapt to your landscape and offer the required privacy that you seek.
  • Professional fencing contractors, like Orange Fence, may also be able to collaborate with you on a custom privacy fence that aligns with your fencing goals. 

10 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Type of Privacy Fence

With so many available privacy fencing options, reflecting on the intended purposes of your fence can help guide you to the type of privacy fence that is right for you. We’ve listed some questions to consider as you explore the types and functions of privacy fences.

  1. How much interior or exterior visibility do you want? This factor may influence how close the panels are, the addition of a vinyl lattice feature or other options that impact the level of visibility into or out of your fenced space.

  2. If security is the goal, will you want to add a sliding or swinging commercial gate or a driveway gate to your privacy fence installation? Are there any other lighting or surveillance features that you plan to add to your privacy fence?

  3. Do you want the privacy fence to reduce noise or serve as a wind deterrent? This function may further narrow material or construction choices.

  4. What type of privacy fence best aligns with your home’s architecture or landscape? For example, a vinyl fence might suit a more modern construction, while homeowners may prefer a wood or ornamental fence for their historic home. 

  5. Which type of privacy fence offers the greatest benefit in terms of property value and curb appeal? Researching homes in your area or talking to a professional fencing company may help you further refine your privacy fence options.

  6. How much maintenance is required? Each type of privacy fence requires varying amounts of upkeep and cleaning, so understanding the maintenance schedule is important to know while evaluating your options.the least maintenance? If you want to enjoy certain benefits without having to worry about repairs or other routine upkeep, certain options may work better for you and your property than others.

  7. Do you have pets? From minimizing distractions to ensuring their safety during outdoor playtime, your pet’s needs and your own peace of mind may play a vital role in your fencing selection. Asking about privacy fencing for dogs or other outdoor pets should be on your list to learn about when researching.

  8. How could a privacy fence help protect your garden? To screen the outdoor storage or greenhouse from view and otherwise deter pests from invading, a privacy fence may be helpful!

  9. Would integrating a privacy fence better contribute to pool safety or help you create the outdoor oasis you’ve been wishing for? With a privacy fence, you can enjoy swimming or reading without being exposed to neighbors or passersby. 

  10. Would a privacy fence around a garbage enclosure or mechanical unit help tidy the exterior of your commercial or industrial property? This addition may not only contribute to a cleaner appearance overall but also ensure the adherence to local zoning or building regulations.

For even more inspiration about enhancing your privacy fence’s appearance or the functions it may serve, explore these privacy fence ideas. When you are ready to update or upgrade your fence, contact the fencing installation specialists at Orange Fence. We look forward to consulting with you about your privacy fence project and can provide a free estimate for this addition to your property.

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