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In addition to easier access to a property than manual gate operation allows, automatic driveway gates provide the opportunity to increase security and to enhance the overall appearance of residences or commercial locations and their landscapes. Purpose, aesthetic, and circumstances of gate use will also influence which type of automatic driveway gate is best option for your needs. In addition to the material used to construct electric gates for driveways, choices need to be made between sliding and swinging gate installation. Below, discover the benefits and features of popular types of automatic driveway gates.

Benefits of an Automatic Driveway Gate

Residential and commercial property owners alike can experience multiple benefits from an automatic driveway gate. From safety and security to added value, the following outlines the main benefits of these versatile gates and fences.

Accessibility: In terms of health and physical fitness considerations, not to mention the shopping bags, goods, or children that may need to be transported through the gates, automatic driveway gates provide easier access than manual driveway gates. Instead, remote controls, keypads, and even smartphones can be used to open and close the electronic gates. However, this accessibility does not mean that guests, children, or pets can simply let themselves out of the property or that others can simply or easily make their way onto it. 

Security: Like fencing and other types of security gates, automatic driveway gates reinforce a physical and protective perimeter for the property. Automatic sliding driveway gates may provide entrance and exit from a location but also safeguard the people, buildings, and investments on the property itself. These gates can ensure that a memory-challenged individual or lively toddler cannot leave the property without supervision; that your family heirlooms or quality manufactured goods are secure; and that movement on your land or in and out of your buildings is monitored to the degree of your choosing.

Value: Automatic driveway gates also enhance the overall appearance of your property. A unified look from thoughtful fencing and gate selection provides polish to the landscape as viewed both from within and without. These installations also increase the level of privacy afforded to property owners. Thoughtful gate and fencing selection, ease of maintenance, and security additions, including motion sensors, timers, or video monitoring, may also increase the property’s value. 

How to Decide Which Automatic Driveway Gate to Install

After considering what your automatic driveway gate needs and benefits, the next step is exploring the available material and construction options. For example, automatic electric gates for driveways can be crafted from materials like aluminum, wrought iron, metal, wood, or a combination of different materials, including decorative glass or paneling. Similarly, opt for colors, designs, and other aesthetic features that align with the style of your home and landscape. These choices may be influenced by climate, maintenance requirements, cost, or a variety of other factors.

Particularly when a security gate installation is the primary focus of automating the driveway gate, consider whether the popular sliding gate or swinging gate is right for you or if a bi-fold gate, vertical lift, or other gate might work best for your purposes and location. For example, automatic sliding driveway gates may work better for limited space upon entry or any visibility concerns. The inclusion of fewer moving parts makes swinging gates, like those constructed with rust-resistant aluminum, a more low-maintenance option. Some of the most common automatic driveway gates are listed below with a usage highlight:

Swing Gates: Swing the single or double panels to the inside or outside of the property. These gates are ideal for properties with substantial entrance space and that enjoy a bit of extra anticipation for arrivals and departures!

Sliding Gates: Slide along a track to one or both slides of entrance. These gates are great for larger driveways and smooth, (relatively) silent operation!

Bi-Fold Gates: Constructed from two or more panels that fold in the middle during operations. These specialty gates are perfect for properties and driveways with limited space.

Vertical Lift Gates: Moves a tall gate arm up and down for access (instead of moving sideways). Another niche gate that works well in difficult terrain and also adds security because they can be a little challenging to drive through (increased security).

Finally, custom gate builds allow for further refinements according to personal style, purpose or construction preferences, and the negotiation of unique terrain, building needs, or operations on the premises. As with the number of privacy features included or materials selected, customization may increase the budget required for the project. Collaborating with a professional fencing and gate installation company will help you balance budgetary needs with gate quality and features, as well as installation considerations and any applicable local regulations and permits.

Trusted Automatic Driveway Gate Experts

After reviewing the benefits of automatic driveway gates and the types of electric swinging and sliding gates available, you may now have a more focused idea of what installation will work best for your property and those who use it. At Orange Fence & Supply, we know the importance of a well-designed and installed security gate and fencing. As trusted experts in fencing installation, our team has offered our services throughout Connecticut for over 90 years! For additional support to discuss the next steps in the automatic driveway gate installation process or simply to ask some fencing questions, please contact us today.