Active Yards Fencing in CT

ActiveYards is the leading American manufacturer of low maintenance, high-quality fencing systems. ActiveYards has a number of different fence solutions, so whatever problem you’re trying to solve, they have a fence to match. Best of all – ActiveYards fencing systems come with a lifetime warranty and will provide you with a “fencing solution for life!”

Orange Fence & Supply is a fencing company in CT with over 90 years of experience in the residential and commercial fencing industry. We are proud to be affiliated with ActiveYards as an authorized installer for them. With our team of experts, we can help you choose the best ActiveYards fencing system and provide you with complete fencing installation services. 

ActiveYards fences are perfect for adding protection for your home, increasing privacy during backyard pool days, and keeping your pets in while keeping unwanted pests out. No matter what you may need a fence for, we are sure to find an ActiveYards fencing solution that is perfect for the job!

Whether you are looking for an ActiveYards vinyl fence, aluminum fence, wood fence, gate or anything in between, choose from a variety of colors and styles perfectly suited to your property. ActiveYards fencing systems not only perform a function and offer a solution, but they are also beautiful home improvements that add extra character to your home. With Orange Fence & Supply you can rest assured knowing your ActiveYards fence installation will be performed by experienced professionals who are experts in their craft.

Orange Fence & Supply is the local expert for ActiveYards fences, gates and more. We proudly service Stamford, all of Southern Connecticut and parts of Hartford county. Find a location near you here.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today for a free estimate for any of our ActiveYards fencing services.

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