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Are you looking to better protect your loved ones by adding an electric gate for your driveway? Or, do you need an electric sliding gates on your commercial property to distinguish the main driveway from other protected areas? Are you simply looking to increase the security of your home and property? Finding the right driveway gate is not only about choosing the right type of security gate but also knowing how automatic driveway gates support the privacy, protection, and monitoring of your family or customers. Fortunately, Orange Fence can assist with these fence installations for homes and commercial properties, security fences, custom electric gate builds for driveways or any other location and more! 

What are Electric Gates?

First and foremost, if you are considering an electric gate for your driveway, then it is important to understand what they are and how they operate. Electric gates are mechanized entrance barriers to properties, operated primarily by electrical mechanisms. These gates come in various styles, including sliding gates that move horizontally parallel to a fence or wall, swing gates that open outward or inward like traditional doors, and bi-folding gates that fold in on themselves. The operation of these gates is often facilitated by a variety of devices, such as remote controls, keypads for code entry, sensors that detect approaching vehicles, and even smartphone applications. As technology continues to evolve, electric gates have become more sophisticated, blending seamlessly with other home automation systems and offering users unprecedented ease and control over their property’s access.

What are the Benefits of Electric Gates for Driveways?

In combination with other privacy fences, electric gates not only provide additional layers of privacy, but also offer extra security for your family. Plus, when installed by an expert fencing company, the gate will blend into the existing aesthetics of your property. For more, the following highlights the main benefits of electric gates, which can be part of other privacy fence ideas to provide a comprehensive approach to protecting your family:

Enhanced Security with Electric Gates

  • Restricted Access: Only those with authorized codes or remotes can open the gate, ensuring no unauthorized vehicles or persons can enter.
  • Visibility and Deterrence: Potential burglars often look for easy targets. An electric gate signals that a home is well-secured, often deterring potential threats.
  • Integration with Security Systems: Many electric gates can be integrated with CCTV cameras, alarms, and intercom systems, providing layered security.

Safety for Family Members

  • Child Safety: Children playing in the yard are safeguarded from traffic or strangers.
  • Vehicle Safety: Controlled entry and exit mean fewer chances of accidents at the driveway entrance.
  • Protection from Wildlife: In certain areas, electric gates can keep out wildlife that might pose threats or nuisances.

Additional Benefits

  • Privacy: Prevents prying eyes and unwanted visitors, ensuring privacy for the family.
  • Property Value: The aesthetic and security enhancements can increase property value.
  • Convenience: No need to manually open and close the gate, especially in adverse weather conditions.

What Else to Consider About Electric Gates?

When opting for an electric gate, several crucial factors demand attention beyond mere aesthetics and operation style.

  • Power Source: The power source plays a pivotal role, with some homeowners preferring eco-friendly solar-powered options over traditional electrical ones, mitigating energy consumption and ensuring operation even during power outages. It’s also essential to have backup systems like manual overrides, ensuring residents aren’t trapped due to system malfunctions.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance checks can’t be overlooked, as these prolong the gate’s life and ensure consistent, smooth operation. Lastly, in the interest of safety, gates equipped with sensors become invaluable. These sensors prevent the gate from closing if an obstacle—be it a person, pet, or object—is detected, averting potential accidents and ensuring the system’s overall safety.
  • Customization: Every home is different, so working with a company that is experienced in custom gate builds will help ensure your electric driveway gate works as designed, but also fits into your property’s landscape.

Experienced Electric Gate Experts

Whether you opt for the cost-effective chain-link electric driveway gate or a custom-designed electric sliding gate for your driveway, Orange Fence is ready to collaborate with you on our upcoming project and provide the award winning fences, gates and other constructions for which we have been recognized. Our service area spans a number of communities throughout Connecticut, so contact us for a free estimate today!

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