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Are you currently in the process of exploring your commercial fencing and commercial gate options? Are you wondering what you might want to ask about as you vet commercial fencing companies near you? With commercial fencing and commercial gate work, you are investing in your property value and your business. Before you consult potential business fencing companies, like Orange Fence, it is helpful to become more informed about fencing installations, products, and associated services. That way, you can more thoroughly evaluate and refine your choices regarding upcoming installations, special features, and customization needs. 

11 Essential Commercial Fencing and Gate Considerations

As you explore commercial fencing and gate installations, you may uncover more nuances and options than expected. To help determine your commercial fencing and gate needs are met, the following considerations aim to provide some of their top benefits. Remember: your desired goals or functions for these gates and fences should drive your selections. Think not only about the physical property but also the needs of your employees, customers, products, or services. 

Improved security

One of the fundamental purposes of any fencing installation is safety. The type and features of your security fence may be consistent across the property or may vary according to operations in specific areas or buildings. You might also check if the commercial fencing company near you can provide customized security requests.

Clear property boundaries

Sometimes, securing the property and identifying the property lines may be fulfilled by a single fence. In others, security levels may vary in different locations. For example, while part of the property may be open to guests, others may need greater regulation due to product hazards or the need to protect information. Additionally, commercial fencing may equally work to define property limits and support brand visibility or aesthetic preferences.

Privacy or visibility management

Factors like fence height or width between fence pickets, chain links, or posts, contribute to privacy and visibility levels. Think about the kind of coverage (partial, full, varied, etc.) you need throughout the property.

Curb appeal

Do you want to include brand signage on the commercial fencing that runs along the property’s perimeter? Could a commercial fence or gate installation interfere with any existing brand visibility? Want your fencing selection to align with the landscaping efforts and enhance the overall appearance? The material, design, location, and features of your fence and gate contribute to your property’s curb appeal and overall value.

Material selection

While most of the material options available for residential fence installations are also used in commercial fence and gate work, the purposes that those components need to serve at a commercial location may vary or be magnified. In relation to the top needs on your fencing priority list, investigate your options, such as the benefits of aluminum fencing or the pros and cons of vinyl fencing.  


Many companies value longevity and minimal maintenance needs. After all, more money and time should go to the company’s operations, products, or services, instead of post-installation repair or ongoing clean up. Look at how your current choices may increase or minimize maintenance needs.

Durability and usage

Thinking about how your gates and fences will be used informs your material and style selection, as well as durability considerations. Will they be used occasionally? What kind of traffic will move through the gates? Are gates needed to regulate foot traffic, product distribution, and/or vehicle management? Will gates be staffed and managed by attendants, or are alternate methods of access preferred?

Local regulations

A licensed and reputable commercial fencing company should be able to address these regulations and any permits with you. However, your awareness of them enables you to better evaluate potential companies and may help you narrow the fencing and gate options specific to your property and area.

Sound management

Sound management may be an area mandate, as mentioned above. It may also be tied to a company’s desire to keep their activities private or to limit external noise from resonating on the property. 

Climate and terrain negotiation

The location of your company and its landscape may influence your fencing and gate options. For example, space limitations or uneven terrain may mean that some gates or fences may not work as well or may need to be customized in order to be most effective.

Special features

To your commercial fencing and gate installation, you might want to add crash barriers, safety bollards, or barbed wire. You might also consider the benefits of automated controls, smartphone integrated operations, keypads, video cameras, and security lighting.

Choose Orange Fence & Supply for Your Commercial Fence and Gate Needs

At Orange Fence and Supply, we can help you navigate all that there is to know and consider about commercial fencing and commercial gates. We also understand that cost is a must consideration in undertaking any project. Accordingly, we offer free on-site consultations and free estimates. These opportunities not only ensure that the design best suits our clients’ needs but also illustrates our dedication, our expertise, and our exemplary customer service. Additionally, many local businesses choose Orange Fence as their commercial fence partner because we offer a variety of personal services, such as:

  • repairing existing structures.
  • fence replacement services. 
  • working on projects of any size – big or small.
  • free inspections (along with our free on-site estimates and consultations).

Orange Fence & Supply is confident that we can recommend the best solution for your commercial fencing needs and we will always be available should you need any repairs down the road. For support in your search, questions about commercial fence and/or gate needs, or free estimates, contact Orange Supply.

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