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Finding and perfecting your home takes a lot of time and careful consideration. From interior decisions like personalizing your furniture to landscape designs like gardens and patios, customizing your space to make it you takes patience and perseverance. To help personalize your space, then a custom fence installation might be the missing piece to your landscape puzzle. If you are interested in learning about the benefits of a custom fence and how to find a reputable fence company, then the following is for you. 

What Types of Custom Fences Are Available?

There are many types of fences, which means there are plenty of types of custom fences. However, some choices offer greater flexibility in terms of customizable components. As you think about your fence installation, consider its intended functions, durability and maintenance needs, and the potential of the fencing material to achieve the desired style and curb appeal. Also, reflect on any custom gate builds that you’d want to complement your fence style.

  • Wood fences lend themselves to customized height, design, stain or paint color, which make them a popular selection.
  • Wood-like in appearance, composite fencing is also versatile in terms of design and an environmentally-friendly option!
  • With wrought iron or aluminum fencing, add personal touches with ornamentation that align with your landscape and buildings.
  • Vinyl fencing and steel fencing can also be used but design options may be slightly more limited.

Why Should Install a Custom Fence?

After painting a fence or replacing a fencing panel, people may feel a sense of achievement but also discover how much work fence design and installation can be. Others have incredible style and a passion for design, but they recognize that transforming that vision often benefits from professional expertise. Here are more reasons why a custom fence may be right for you:

  • Select with sense and style sensibility. A quick review of fence types may make it seem like any of the options may work for you. However, professional fencing experts will be able to explain the pros and cons of your choices relative to your goals, like your desire for it to meld with the landscape or align with the home’s architecture. Additionally, custom builds simply offer you a wider range of style options.
  • Prevent unexpected expenses. Expert material guidance can also help you reduce any unanticipated repair or maintenance or durability concerns. Fencing specialists also have the exact equipment needed to install fencing, whereas most homeowners would also have to rent these tools. Professionals can also pre-emptively address any potential issues, based on their wealth of experience.
  • Lengthen the life of your fence. Custom fence specialists can design your fence so that it complements and works with your property’s layout and landscape. Particularly if you have unusual property lines or unique building features, along with water in your yard, then custom fencing can smoothly negotiate those factors while adhering to your intended look.
  • Curate your fence’s functionality. In addition to distinguishing one property from another, privacy and security top the list of reasons that people install fences. A custom fence installation enables you to curate these functions to a greater degree than pre-built structures. For example, you might reinforce the fence with additional privacy panels around a pool or include automated lights or smartphone-integrated security monitoring and operation in custom gates around the property.
  • Discover bonus add-ons. Custom fence creators can recommend features you may not have even considered. For example, they might help you customize the fencing to highlight unique aspects of your property, such as installing an arbor to showcase a walkway to the backyard. Or, including a garden fence to protect your flowers and veggies from your pet and other intruders. Other common custom fence additions are gate latching or locking systems, multiple access points, and decorative posts, lattice, trim or post caps.
  • Add value to your property. A fence is an important investment in overall appearance as well as home security. These characteristics mean a lot to potential buyers. A thoughtful custom build that enhances the outdoor space and accounts for the myriad needs of the location, environment, and inhabitants may be an even greater selling point!
  • Enjoy peace of mind throughout the project process. Professional custom fence companies know about any local regulations and compliance requirements associated with fence installations. Therefore, they’ll handle sorting out this component of the process, along with material sourcing, equipment transport, clean up, and more!

What Should I Look for in Choosing a Custom Fence Company?

Much like vetting a commercial fence company or residential fencing provider, choose a custom fencing company that shows evidence of their custom fencing expertise. For any kind of fencing installation, reputable fencing companies should be able to provide the necessary licenses and insurance coverage, and they should offer warranties and support on work and materials. Additionally, they should provide clear, detailed estimates and thorough, precise contract language, if you choose to employ their services. Since your customized requests drive your selection of a custom fence company, even more assurance as to the fencing company’s communication and collaboration skills is essential. 

Build confidence in your potential candidates by researching the company to determine their custom skills and experience level. Continue to refine your options by evaluating their work portfolio to look at previously crafted custom fence installations and considering work references and other customer reviews to see how frequently clients celebrate their installations and service. Customization requires ongoing communication. From your initial interactions with a potential custom fence company, you can gain a sense of how your collaboration will proceed throughout the project.

If you are looking for a custom fence, then Orange Fence has the knowledge, expertise and local experience to build the fence you desire. With over 90 years of fencing service experience for residential and commercial residents in Southern Connecticut, we bring expertise and can help you design a custom fence for your needs with professional installation.

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