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An arbor offers decorative and functional benefits to your property. From ground to sky, this freestanding structure consists of two to four posts, which are connected by lattice work or other beams and topped with arched or flat ladder-like roofing. Although arbors and pergolas share many similarities, like their use in supporting growing plants, pergolas may not have connecting elements between the posts and are often larger in size, where people may have space to enjoy dinner together. While certainly a single individual may enjoy a stroll through the doorway of an arbor or even sit with a cup of tea in an arbor with small bench seating, arbors typically only accommodate one or two people at a time.

Arbors often serve as doorways into different parts of the yard, as frequently found in garden spaces, but they also provide beautiful entry points in fencing that surrounds the home, indicate pathways to take on the land, or serve as shaded nooks as a specialty feature in the outdoor space. Constructed from materials like assorted types of wood, metal, and vinyl, arbors may be erected for temporary, seasonal use, but they can add more curb appeal and value to the property with customized construction, multi-season use, and professional installation. Depending on materials, size, and customization, arbor pricing typically ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars based on the scale reflecting smaller, pre-assembled and often temporary structures and the higher end indicating greater permanence, quality, and professional assembly.

Benefits and Considerations for Arbor Use and Installation

You have probably seen many arbors in use over the years, from supporting vining plants offering a flowery welcome to your friend’s home in the summer or providing a little shade and romantic ambience for couples as they are joined together in marriage. Although these are some traditional uses for arbors, your arbor can be customized for your particular needs and wishes for both that structure and the overall intentions of your outdoor oasis. Here are four considerations that may provide some inspiration for your own creation!

white arbor in a garden

Outdoor Art:

Both the physical design and your choice of additions to the arbor enable you to leverage the potential of this structure. From whimsical fairytale appeal with cascading summer blooms or your collection of woodland sprites that pop out amidst the lush greenery adorning your arbor, your imagination and innovative consideration of accessories can make this archway into a showpiece. However, you don’t need a green thumb to make your arbor a visual focal point in the yard. Varied materials, designs, and even waterproofed paintings or tiles create a cozy gallery right in the middle of nature.

Spatial Delineation:

Make more of your outdoor space through incorporating one arbor or more across your property. With some protection from the elements, an arbor to or over the woodpile might include hooks for related tools or a cubby for your gloves or fire pit pokers. A path connecting a front or back door to the driveway may end in an arbor with solar lighting to gently guide you to or from your car at night. Even within a garden, including multiple arbors can indicate different types of plants growing within their supports or separate garden plots from each other.

Shelter and Privacy:

With slatted roofing, arbors don’t entirely protect one from the heat of the sun or an afternoon rain, but the partial covering may lessen their impact just enough, especially for any growing plants. Additionally, someone may be able to tell what color your hair is or that someone is sitting in the arbor, but you can otherwise laugh at your favorite podcast or mouth the words to your favorite song without an audience. Thinking about your arbor’s placement and plants or other structural features to include can also increase the amount of available shelter and privacy.

Plant Incorporation:

Arbors are supportive by nature, but choosing a permanent arbor means that there is better opportunity for capitalizing on perennial growers, like clematis, wisteria, and climbing roses. Once you take the time and care to choose and establish these plants or one of the other best vines for arbors, you want to provide time to develop, so that they can fully enhance your yardscape’s aesthetic. Certainly, seasonal and permanent arbors alike don’t have to host the same plants year after year, but perennial choices and their expansion each year increase the shade and privacy potential concurrently. Another choice might be to use small pots or planters that can be moved throughout the seasons. With this approach, you could pick pea pods from the arbor in early summer and embrace the holiday spirit with festive lights or garland in December.

Arbors by Orange Fence and Supply

With a service area that extends across Connecticut and over 90 years of experience, our company is here to help you customize and install arbors that will complete the vision you have for your property. Combining our expertise with four different types of arbors and our skillful craftsmanship in executing designs based on our client’s specifications, our builds and installations will not only enhance the value and appeal of your property but also increase your enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Our services also include fences and gates to which arbors often connect, so we are able to complete the entire structure that you envision for your residential and commercial properties or additionally provide these installations in other areas around your home or business. We look forward to connecting with you by phone at (203) 795-1321 or via this form, so that we can begin collaborating with you and turning the dream of your arbor into reality.

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