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Is there anything more homely than a white picket fence adorning your home?

The iconic white picket fence symbolizes the classic suburban home and family. A nice house, green grass, family of four, dog, cat and white picket fence highlight the American dream. From wood to aluminum or with a swing gate or customized arbor, the picket fence has more options than one would think. Finally, the vinyl picket fence provides the easy maintenance of vinyl with the benefits of picket fences. 

3 Great Benefits of Picket Fences

Not only do picket fences represent a piece of Americana, but they add aesthetic value to your home. As a versatile fence, picket fences offer a simple decorative accent, which can be made from a variety of materials. Typically made from wood or vinyl, picket fences are long-lasting and stand the test of time with proper maintenance. Picket fences remain popular because they are reliable structures. In particular, the harsh New England weather is no match for their design as the gaps between pickets allow strong winds to pass the air flow through the fence without causing much damage. With their simple design, picket fences still offer security by enclosing your yard, pets and children while maintaining the views surrounding your home.

Additional benefits of picket fences include:

  • low-maintenance and easy to install.
  • homey appeal and keep you engaged with your neighborhood.
  • keep pets and small children enclosed in your property.

5 Wonderful Benefits of Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences offer homeowners with a remarkable security structure that is durable and versatile. Additionally, vinyl fences require limited to no maintenance, while lasting many years. Add in the wide variety of styles, such as color, texture and more and homeowners have an ideal solution to enhance the value of their property.

Finally, the benefits of vinyl fences include:

  • made from a lasting material that offers years of protection.
  • limited maintenance because vinyl contains ultraviolet inhibitors that protect the material from the sun.
  • lack of damage from moisture (or insects) because vinyl is not organic and not conducive to issues with rust, pests or water.
  • durability because vinyl is incredibly strong and flexible, so it holds up to harsh weather.
  • plenty of aesthetic options because vinyl fences come in a wide range of colors, textures, and styles that will match your landscaping and fit your budget.

5 Awesome Benefits of Vinyl Picket Fences

Vinyl picket fences combine the aesthetics of a traditional picket fence with the versatility and durability of vinyl fences. Property owners receive all of the benefits without many drawbacks when installing a vinyl picket fence.

For example, some of the benefits of a vinyl picket fence include:

  • versatile style options that do not impact functionality – because modern designs are customizable, property owners can select the form and function they desire.
  • high quality material that stands up to harsh weather.
  • security fencing because the pickets are generally 2 ½ inches apart, which means pets and small children will remain in the yard.
  • inexpensive due to modern innovations and low-cost maintenance needs.
  • simple to install with ready-made fittings and standard size pickets or by calling Orange Fence.

Interestingly, not many home improvement projects actually add value to your property. However, the things potential buyers see at first sight remain the outlier. From garage doors and front doors to fences, a well maintained vinyl picket fence allows your home and property to stand out from the crowd.

Orange Fence Installs Vinyl Picket Fences

At Orange Fence, we have lived by the motto “Nobody builds ‘em better!” since our founding in 1930. Your home is your pride and joy, so when we work with our customers, we know our craftsmanship and communication matters. From wood, aluminum or vinyl picket fences to privacy gates and arbors, we work with you to find the right solution for your needs. While we take pride in our experience, we know the importance of delivering the fencing solution that fits your desires and aesthetics. The Orange Fence team takes our years of experience to guide you through the process to ensure you love your new fence. Then, we build them better than anyone and let our work speak for itself.

“There are some companies that stand out and deserve to be recognized as being one of the best for their great service, their excellent products and their quality of work and in my opinion Orange Fence & Supply is one of them. I appreciate that everyone has always been prompt, helpful and responsive to my questions and concerns.  But that’s not totally why I am writing this. I can’t express how impressed I am with the two installers of my fence, Frank and Francesco who did an outstanding job. Their installation was performed with experience and care and was noticeably much better than any of my previous fence installations from other companies. I can’t thank you enough.”

Our team of expert fence installers here at Orange Fence want to help you create the fence of your dreams! Call us today to schedule a time to meet with a professional!