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Many homeowners consider vinyl fences in Connecticut for their home. And it’s easy to see why. This versatile and durable fencing material offers many advantages over more traditional options, such as wood fence or chain link fence. For example, vinyl fences offer some unique benefits such as minimal maintenance, durability, and extra privacy for their outdoor space. So, when searching for privacy options, vinyl fencing might be the solution for you and your family. Here, we’ll cover the basics of a vinyl privacy fence in CT, its benefits, and how this option may be a great choice for your property.

What is Vinyl Fencing?

The word vinyl can bring back nostalgia and visions of records. However, this synthetic material is also known as PVC and found in a variety of products and construction materials, including fencing. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a form of plastic and a thermoplastic material. This means it can be heated, melted, cooled, and reheated, while causing little damage or burning. This durability makes vinyl a superb choice in many applications, such as plumbing and fencing. 

Besides its superior durability, vinyl fencing is long lasting, strong, flexible, moisture resistant, and can withstand many types of extreme weather conditions. Because of its ability to withstand the elements and ease of maintenance, vinyl fencing is a popular choice for many homeowners.

Benefits of a Vinyl Privacy Fence

The New England climate can be very harsh. With freezing temperatures and snowfall, thunderstorms and Nor’ Easters, along with the hot and humid summer months, the structures of a home can take a beating, including the perimeter fencing. Privacy fences are not solely about dividing and protecting your property from the neighborhood. Many privacy fences are custom designed to fit the look and feel of your home, while providing privacy from the surrounding sights and sounds. Plus, done right, privacy fences add value and curb appeal to the property.

With vinyl privacy fencing, Connecticut homeowners can take advantage of the many benefits of this material, along with additional security. From vinyl’s reliable strength and permanence to its longevity and offering optimum privacy, a vinyl privacy fence can provide a larger return on your investment.

  • Built to Last

Because of their composition, vinyl fencing provides far more durability than wood. Vinyl can withstand extreme temperatures, sunlight, wind, and moisture and provide homeowners with a longer lasting fence solution. Although a higher upfront cost when compared to wood, vinyl’s durability and strength can save homeowners from the high costs of fence repair and replacement. A vinyl privacy fence is no different and offers lasting security.

  • Ease of Maintenance

For those who enjoy a fence that can take care of itself, vinyl fences require very little time to maintain. Vinyl is non-porous and resistant to scratches and discoloration. When dirty, a simple garden hose can do the trick. For a deeper clean, homeowners can use a sponge and non-abrasive cleaner or soap. With a vinyl privacy fence, homeowners can expect easy maintenance as well.

  • Variety of Designs and Finishes

Vinyl fencing design and finish options have come a long way. Today, homeowners can find a wide variety of colors, including gray, tan, and white, and designs, such as faux Redwood or Birchwood, and sizes. And with several different style choices, homeowners can choose from sleek and modern to more traditional and ornamental. The beauty of using vinyl for a privacy fence is designing and styling a fence that enhances your yard.

  • Added Layer of Privacy

For those who prefer more seclusion, a vinyl privacy fence, or screen style fence, can be an excellent choice. Since vinyl fences feature solid panels, which create an added layer of privacy. Choose from 6 to 8 ft panels and add a layer of privacy to your yard. And, unlike wood fences that can warp or rot and create spaces between the planks, the unique flexibility and weather resistance of vinyl fencing can create a completely private space.

The Choice for a Long-Lasting Privacy Fence

Whether you want seclusion from neighbors or a private space to relax by the pool, a vinyl privacy fence can create an attractive wall between you and the rest of the world that lasts for decades to come. And with several unique vinyl fencing style options, you can match to your home’s aesthetic and feel and improve curb appeal.

If shopping for a vinyl privacy fence near New Haven or Fairfield, visit the Orange Fence showroom for your home or business property. You can find a variety of screen style vinyl privacy fence options and create a private, secluded outdoor space for your property. With over 90 years of fencing service experience for residential and commercial residents in Southern Connecticut, we bring expertise and can help you design a custom fence for your needs and professionally install.

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