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Understanding the Differences Between an Arbor & Pergola to Choose the Best Structure for Your Yard

When we hear pergola or arbor, many imagine a similar design and structure. However, these two outdoor features are, in fact, different. While the general description of both seem similar, pergolas and arbors differ in size and purpose. For example,
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What is an Arbor?

An arbor offers decorative and functional benefits to your property. From ground to sky, this freestanding structure consists of two to four posts, which are connected by lattice work or other beams and topped with arched or flat ladder-like roofing.
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What is a Pergola?

Even if you’ve never heard of a pergola, you’ve likely seen one. Pergolas are a great addition to an outdoor space, providing both aesthetics and function. So, what is a pergola to be exact? That’s what we’re going to dive
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