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Stockade fences have a long history of use and popularity. In particular, this style of fence remains a residential favorite because it offers significant privacy and security benefits. Interested in learning more about stockade fences? The following explores what you should know about their functionality, benefits and styles that have made them such a vital addition to properties and their surrounding landscapes.

What is a Stockade Fence?

In terms of its construction, stockade fences are typically formed vertically or horizontally by tightly fitting fence boards or panels next to each other to the desired dimensions. For even more privacy assurance, stockade fence panels are sometimes layered on top of each other to create an overlap that further prevents any exposure or visibility. Alternatively, a shadowbox design is created by placing panels on either side of the fence rail for some additional visibility and a greater sense of openness, while still lending a more secluded feel to the interior space. 

Wood stockade fences are enjoyed by many homeowners, but this type of privacy fencing is also available in materials such as vinyl. Property owners generally prefer wood because the material provides a wonderful combination of privacy, durability and customization, along with offering great aesthetic value. For example, the wood sections of a stockade fence may connect with an array of posts, such as stone, that offers a truly unique and personal fence. Additionally, with the customization options of stockade fences, the price range will vary and make wood fences a great option for budget conscious homeowners.

What Functions Does a Stockade Fence Serve?

The main function or benefit that stockade fences provide is enhance privacy. Often, property owners choose this type of fence to create more secluded outdoor spaces for their own personal enjoyment. Whether the intention is to protect children and pets from view or simply to relax in these areas without exposure to surrounding traffic, stockade fences can help property owners achieve their intended goals. If there is a pool on the property, these constructions also make effective pool fences and can increase safety while also creating a more relaxing experience. In addition to creating a more private outdoor experience, stockade fences can also help serve these functions:

  • Security: Stockade fences can be some of the taller fencing installations, so their height helps prevent views of the enclosed space and increases the security of any people or possessions within that area. To these fences, additional security features, like custom gates, lights and surveillance equipment may be added. Adding an electric driveway gate is another way to further extend the security offered by a stockade fence and manage entries to and exits from the property. Alone or with these additional features, stockade fences help secure your property and can also be used to clearly designate boundary lines or distinct areas on a single property, such as pool, work areas or gardens.
  • Environmental Management: Stockade fencing can also be a protective barrier against a variety of environmental factors including noise and weather. In the Connecticut areas served by our team, for example, these fences can reduce the force of winter winds and blowing nor’easters, shield treasured landscape features or create a more welcoming environment for winter activities. In more populated areas or locations that may be closer to busy roadways, stockade fences may help reduce the sounds of local traffic, neighbors or businesses.
  • Landscaping: While a stockade fence itself can increase a property’s curb appeal, it can also be an important landscape aid and solution. Climbing plants can use the fence as support, and flowers can bloom from planters attached to the fencing. Lush greenery like flowering shrubs and bushes can also provide a decorative touch, when thoughtfully planted in front of a wood stockade fence. As with garden fence installations, these fences can also help protect a carefully designed display of flowers, bushes and trees or a cherished vegetable garden. 

What Are Some Tips for Styling a Stockade Fence? 

The chosen material as well as the direction and arrangement of the stockade fence panels contribute to the overall fencing style. The panels themselves can also enhance or align with the exterior design through choices like pointed, straight, dog-eared or scalloped panel tops or fence cap work, such as lattice features or other designs. As an incredibly versatile type of fence, you have the ability to create a custom fence that really highlights your favorite parts of your property.

Not sure what style might work best for your landscape or your design aesthetic? Explore Orange Fence’s photo gallery for some inspiration. Here, you’ll find examples of wooden fencing installations, including stockade fences, as well as custom designs, gates, pergola constructions and more. With a service area that extends across Connecticut and over 90 years of experience, our company is here to help you customize and install stockade fences that will complete the vision you have for your property. Contact us today for a free estimate on your upcoming fencing project or repair service to discuss your stockade fence installation with one of our fencing experts!

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