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Caring for your fencing installations is an essential part of winter landscaping maintenance. To increase the longevity of your residential or commercial fence and enhance the beauty of your property throughout the seasons, the following tips aim to help with seasonal fence care and ways that fencing can enhance your enjoyment of your winter landscape.

3 Seasonal Fence Care Tips For Your Winter Landscaping Checklist

If you have already completed fall fence and yard maintenance, some of the necessary maintenance and repairs to your fencing, including the potential application of protective sealants, may have already taken place. If not, now is the time to do so!  Depending on how many months ago you started your post-summer maintenance, one more evaluation of your fencing and grounds before the snow or other winter weather arrives is a thoughtful choice. Additionally, consider the following three tips to help you protect your fence throughout the winter.

  1. Choosing snow and ice removal products carefully. Standard de-ice products may contribute towards damaging a fence or other landscaping. Conversely, sand and other environmentally-friendly products help to de-ice driveways and sidewalks as well. Typically, these products are less likely to corrode metal fencing structures and are often less harmful for grass, flowers or trees on the property. Remember to locate these items strategically, so you don’t have to climb snow drifts to access them.

  2. Plant wisely. Winter-friendly shrubs and trees can help provide some respite for your fence from blowing winds and other weather. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to winterize other garden areas, as well as fruit trees, perennial plants and other green features.

  3. Prepare your fences for snow and plan for snow removal. Beyond making sure that you have gas for the snow blower or functioning shovels, here are some helpful recommendations:
  • Do one final check to make sure that any late-falling leaves or other debris have been removed. If such materials are left in place over the winter, the moisture that they may trap can cause fence decay.
  • Make sure that there are no branches or other foliage hanging above or around the fence. If snow and ice build up on these structures, they can put added weight onto a fence and may further weaken or damage it. 
  • Remove snow from fences shortly after it falls. Have a soft broom or snow brush available to further reduce any additional weight on both fences and gates.
  • Mark your property line using tall stakes or reflective indicators to help safeguard fencing and other landscape features that may get buried or hidden by snow. This clear delineation of boundaries can help you or any winter landscaping service provider to plow sidewalks and driveway areas safely and help those clearing the roads to avoid accidental damage to your fence and property.

How Fences Enhance Winter Landscapes

Fences are an important feature that can help homeowners fully enjoy their winter landscape. Here are some of the ways that your fence can provide you with peace of mind and opportunities for joy during the winter months.

  • Privacy: The added privacy that a fence can afford continues to be a beneficial feature in this season (particularly as trees do not provide as much cover during the winter vs the summer). Enjoy special moments in your own winter wonderland out of the view of any neighbors or passing street traffic.
  • Protection: As long as the temperatures don’t become dangerous, most people try to bundle up and get outdoors, especially individuals with energetic pets or young children. Existing fencing can provide some protection against the wind while you are monitoring your dog in the backyard or when your kids are building a snow fort.
  • Support: Garden fences are not only effective pest deterrents throughout every season but also invaluable supports for helping perennials weather winter conditions. These structures can provide plants with additional wind protection or some shielding from heavier snow. They can also save fall plantings of garlic or onions from hungry critters.
  • Seasonal decor: While you may have already used one of these privacy fencing ideas to enhance the appearance of your existing fence, fences truly become an asset in your winter landscape for celebrating a myriad of holidays and the season itself. For example, you might weave colorful lights through a picket fence, hang festive banners or decorations on a post and rail fence, or add some seasonal flair to your pool fence with homemade snowflakes or other winter-themed designs! 

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