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Typically, we think about spring and summer as the ideal seasons to install a new fence, but what about winter? While the weather is warmer in other seasons and the “busy” season, winter fence installations offer some unique advantages. To help learn about winter fencing, then the following highlights some of the benefits of building a fence during this time as well as how to prepare your yard accordingly for a new fence installation.

Advantages of Installing a Fence in the Winter

Home care professionals often recommend home improvement projects as a great way to pass the often colder and darker days of winter. For the most part, these are typically indoor projects, but potential snowstorms withstanding, completing outdoor home improvement or property updates definitely offers some unique advantages!

  • Fencing companies near you are likely to have greater availability in colder months. Consequently, your preferred fencing company may be able to complete your project sooner or on a shorter timeline.
  • Some home improvement services may offer discounts or other special offers due to the off-season timing. 
  • During winter, plant growth is minimal, so fence work is less likely to impact any landscaping efforts. Instead, the new fence will be ready to complement and support plants, shrubs and/or other seasonal decor during the spring blooming season.
  • People often spend less time outdoors in winter, so having a fence installed during this time will be less intrusive than it may be during other seasons.

How to Prepare for Building a Fence in the Winter

For some experienced homeowners, installing a fence is a potential DIY activity during the spring and summer. Armed with some helpful family and friends, along with a few shovels, the general principles of installing a fence are fairly straightforward. However, due to the difficulties of installing a fence in possibly frozen ground, building a fence in the winter is a professional activity. Plus, for homeowners that want some custom fencing options, expertise and in-depth knowledge is certainly needed. With that, there are some things that homeowners can do to help prepare for a winter fence installation, along with completing a few general winter lawn and fence care maintenance tips. For homeowners looking to take advantage of the winter season to build a new fence, then consider these steps to help streamline the installation.

  • Put on your winter gear and clear away snow and ice. If any remnants of snow people or forts have been left near the fencing site, make sure those are removed from the area. Likewise, if any leaves and debris remain in the yard, then finish picking them up.
  • Mark property lines and any perennial planting sites. This step will help increase fencing specialists’ awareness of your landscape. 
  • Installing a backyard fence for your dog? Surrounding your child’s play area with a beautiful picket fence? Consider how the circumstances of a winter fence installation may impact these family members. Taking them on a day trip or relocating them to a quieter environment may be ideal so that they aren’t disrupted by potentially loud noises or unfamiliar people.
  • Have a flexible mindset. Installing a fence in winter, especially if frozen ground or severe weather is involved, may require schedule adjustments. 

Why Work with Orange Fence for Your Winter Fence Project

By having a professional fencing company install your fence in winter, you can anticipate enjoying your fence for years to come! Fencing experts, like Orange Fence, will provide important guidance about the right type of wood for fences in your climate, especially if you experience greater temperature extremes or the benefits of employing vinyl or aluminum fencing options. Especially if the timing means that a fence is being installed in frozen or partially frozen ground, tools and techniques specifically designed for these ground considerations are essential for this process and can help prevent future fencing concerns related to cycles of freezing and thawing. Fencing specialists also have more expertise in adjusting schedules or installation protocols to ensure ideal conditions and products during winter work.

At Orange Fence, we are here to help you choose the best fencing solution for your needs. Serving communities throughout Connecticut for over 90 years, we look forward to providing you with our expertise as well as our quality service and inventory. When it is time to install or repair fences or add a driveway or security gate, turn to our award-winning company for your upcoming service. From winter fences to custom fences and more, our team looks forward to collaborating with you about your upcoming project. Contact us today for a free fence estimate!