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Orange Fence is a family-owned company who has been in the fencing profession for over 90 years. Consequently, we know very well that starting and growing a successful business requires all kinds of investments, including protecting company property. In addition to commercial fencing installations, security gates for businesses are a crucial property feature. To help, we explore the importance of security gates for your business and how they help you protect your company. 

How to Choose a Security Fence and Gate Provider for Your Business

To optimize an existing security fence or design a comprehensive or customized fence and gate system for your business, make sure to vet an experienced fencing company near you. After all, your choice of security fences and gates for your business can help you protect your company and your peace of mind, while also honoring your budget. As part of your search and evaluation process, be sure to conduct online research of each company, explore reviews from credible rating sites or your professional colleagues, check that licenses and insurance coverages are current, and talk to potential companies about your project. 

In addition to investing your time in choosing the right gate specialist, a security gate or fence for your business requires a financial investment. However, selecting an experienced professional fencing and security gate contractor, like Orange Fence, may ultimately save you money and prevent the potential for unnecessary headaches in the future, as well as safeguarding your products, employees, clients or other facets of your business. 

Why Include Security Gates for Your Business?

While commercial fences alone provide a certain measure of protection, security gates for your business ensure more comprehensive coverage. For example, maintaining privacy and monitoring property access cannot be achieved fully if anyone can enter or exit the area in which a business is located, whenever they wish or without supervision. In addition to any business-related compliance or regulation specifications that may be tied to the inclusion of a security gate and related features, answering yes to one or more of the following questions may further emphasize why it’s important for you to include security gates for your business:

  • Do you need a greater level of security for the services, operations, information, products, etc. that your business provides?
  • Does both foot and vehicle traffic need to be authorized or regulated in order to maintain the necessary security? Are there areas on your property that are restricted or private, as opposed to those which may be used by clients or employees? Security gates can serve as a functional and visual marker to distinguish and secure those locations.
  • Will controlled access into and out of the property be beneficial to company operations, your employees, or other aspects of your business? Whether you choose to have a designated security professional monitor your gate or integrate electronic access control, this additional feature further helps ensure regulated and authorized access only.
  • Do you have any unique structural or landscape features for which customized gates can fulfill security needs while navigating environmental factors? 
  • Will heightened security better serve your peace of mind when it comes to protecting your company?

Including gates, fences and other security features for your business can also contribute to maintaining or increasing the overall value of your commercial real estate. According to American Investment Properties, one key way to add value to a commercial property is to increase security – a choice that may also result in savings on insurance expenditures.

How to Select the Right Security Gate for Your Business

While security fences focus on protection, this may not be applicable to every business. For example, some companies may prefer security gates and fencing installations that can offer protection for their business but also create a welcoming atmosphere at the same time. From chain link designs to aluminum installations to vinyl systems, collaborating with your local security gate and fencing specialist will help ensure that you get the level of security that you want while offering the desired appearance that is best suited to your company’s image and purposes. 

While you may or may not know all of the nuances associated with various types of sliding gates or swinging gates or the many security add-ons that can further maximize the protective function of your gate, For a free, no obligation site visit and security gate estimate for your business, contact Orange Fence today or call (203) 795-1321!

Orange Fence & Supply is confident that we can recommend the best solution for your security gates and overall commercial fencing needs. Plus, as the award-winning service experts at Orange Fence are here to help you with all facets of your upcoming project and we will always be available should you need any repairs down the road. For support in your search, questions about commercial fence and/or gate needs, or free estimates, contact Orange Fence.