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Would personalizing your fencing and gate installations better serve the unique needs of your property or building design? Are you looking for additional security features for your home or business? A custom gate may be the perfect solution for your residential or commercial property’s functional and aesthetic needs. To learn more about custom metal gates, the following outlines their main uses and reasons to consider them.

What Types of Metal Can Be Used For Custom Gates? 

As with other types of fence and gate materials, a variety of metals can be transformed into the custom gate installation of your dreams. Aluminum, different types of steel, and wrought iron are some popular metal gate options because they offer a variety of colors, textures and more. Additionally, custom metal gates are also versatile in terms of their suitability for different terrains and property purposes. For example, homeowners may opt to integrate an intricate metal gate to beautify an area of their yard or complete a pool fence installation, while also offering privacy and safety. For commercial buildings, aluminum security gates may be combined with chain link fences, along with keypad entry systems, automatic gate openers, or other surveillance features into a custom metal gate as well.

4 Reasons Why People Install Custom Metal Gates

Custom metal gates provide an opportunity to create a made-to-order design that is tailored specifically to your desires. To help generate some creative ideas, these custom gate tips may help you conceive the wishlist for your property. Additionally, the following offers other reasons people opt for custom metal gate installations.

  • Metals, such as steel, provide attractive aesthetic qualities that improve the beauty of the property, while also adding a sense of security. Accordingly, these characteristics may also impact how valuable people, such as potential homebuyers, think that a property may be.
  • In addition to steel, iron and aluminum provide durability, which is important in climates, such as New England, that experience frequent cold and snowy conditions. Additionally, these metals are capable of withstanding the elements, but also are amenable to being crafted into a variety of different shapes to create a custom.
  • Metal gates have a historical foundation and unique architectural style. As a result, custom metal gates offer an artistic value (along with the standard security features of a gate installation). For example, a horse farm may customize a gate build that primarily encloses pastures, with horses to add to the aesthetic feel of the property. Conversely, a commercial nursery location may prefer to have flowers or vine-inspired designs as part of their installation.
  • Custom metal gates in particular often draw attention to the location in which they are placed. This characteristic offers a number of benefits. For example, customizing your gate might mean installing a taller gate than normal, which will help deter unwanted intruders as a security feature. Or, for a more delicate design, a customized gate might be integrated into the overall landscape to distinguish a fenced garden or outdoor dining terrace.

For additional inspiration, check out these examples of our custom gate builds. Learning more about different types of gates, like driveway gates or home security gates, and exploring gate installation considerations by purpose, such as electric driveway gates or commercial gates, may also help refine your wishlist for your custom metal gate.

Why Should I Work with a Custom Metal Gate and Fencing Expert? 

As with a custom fence installation, custom gate specialists are more familiar with these design and installation considerations and more adept at collaborating during the design process. Experts, such as Orange Fence, are also aware of any required permits or local regulations that may apply to your area (or unique custom metal gate installation). In all projects, but especially in a customized design, your contributions and preferences are essential, so working with an experienced team helps ensure the final result meets your expectations. Working with a gate and fence company with proven expertise in custom gate builds and will be a vital part of realizing your gate’s appearance and functions while adhering to any budget considerations. 

If you are looking for a custom gate, then Orange Fence offers award-winning customer service, along with our knowledge, expertise and local experience to build the fence you desire. With over 90 years of fencing service experience for residential and commercial residents in Southern Connecticut, we bring expertise and can help you design a custom gate or fence for your needs.

Our custom gate and fence work provides clients with the unique opportunity to create a functional and stylistic enhancement to their property. We look forward to collaborating with you on your upcoming project, so please contact Orange Fence today to start collaborating on your custom gate or fence installation!

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