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While their primary purpose is to limit exposure to any passersby, the best privacy fences can serve multiple functions and provide visual appeal. There are many material options, such as wood and vinyl privacy fences. In looking for the best privacy fence for you, it’s important to consider your current and ongoing fencing budget and your preferred customizations. The following highlights budget-friendly privacy fence ideas and DIY design enhancements.

What are some of the more inexpensive privacy fence ideas?

Their adaptability and versatility make the fencing ideas below some of the more budget-friendly privacy fence ideas. While it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest privacy fence ideas, the fencing material’s durability and longevity should be a significant factor in your fencing installation considerations. Otherwise, you may incur additional and unanticipated maintenance or other fence repair expenses. 

  • A wooden picket fence is a budget-friendly selection, especially if spaces are left between slats. While this option may not afford complete privacy to the enclosed area, it will still create a boundary, partially obscure the view, and provide some extra charm!
  • Vinyl fences are known for their versatility and design options. Additionally, vinyl lattice panels are relatively inexpensive and, on their own, can be used to form fences that offer partial privacy. If you need a tall privacy fence idea, these panels can be used to extend existing vinyl fences and enhanced by climbing plants.
  • A recycled pallet fence is an eco-friendly option, and you may even be able to source these materials for free! They can also be added to existing fencing or be assembled as their own structures. However, their uneven sizing, potentially hazardous chemical treatment, and stability concerns may not make them ideal for areas with pets and children.
  • Attach a bamboo screen to an existing fence or use it as a temporary privacy fence idea to add vacation feel at an inexpensive price point. It’s important to note that live bamboo fences or proper bamboo fencing installation can be even more expensive than other privacy fencing ideas.
  • In addition to bamboo, there are other trees and shrubs that can be used to create a living privacy fence. However, depending on the plant type as well as what size is needed and how many you need to complete the fence, the costs can quickly climb. 

What DIY privacy fence ideas can enhance the appearance of my fence?

Whether you are looking for tall privacy fence ideas, ways to add color, or thematic inspiration, there are some DIY privacy fence ideas that can add to the look and feel of your fencing.

  • Try vertical gardening! Plants provide color and additional privacy. They can also disguise any material used to support it. In some residences, this privacy fence idea is the sole fence option used, not just an addition to any existing fences. You can also just add planters, pots or even plant hangers to fences to create pops of color.
  • Change up your paint color or try a new stain to alter the look of your fence. Even by simply refreshing the existing paint, your privacy fence will look more vibrant!
  • Whether through your own artistic efforts or by adding new or repurposed features like frames, sculptures, or mirrors, you can customize the appearance of your privacy fence. Cultivate elegant outdoor luxury with candle fixtures and ornate mirrors, or create a playful space with chalkboard panels for a revolving museum of guest artwork!
  • Add waterproof screens or curtains. Look for outdoor-friendly options or just use them as temporary privacy fence ideas that can be easily adapted to seasonal themes!
  • Like trellises, another tall fence privacy fence idea incorporates cedar slats with existing fences. This selection further decreases external visibility and can provide a rustic feel to a space.
  • From solar selections to other outdoor options, including lighting enhances any privacy fence. This addition can create a desired atmosphere or put the finishing touch on your landscape aesthetic. Change your lights according to season or simply incorporate them as another security feature.

Orange Fence is Your Choice for a Long-Lasting Privacy Fence

Whether you want privacy from neighbors or a secluded space by the pool to relax, a privacy fence can create an attractive wall between you and the rest of the world that lasts for decades to come. While privacy fences are not necessarily walls that divide your family from the neighborhood, they are designed to create a peaceful and comforting space. With Orange Fence, we work with you to match any fence to your home’s aesthetic and improves curb appeal.

When you’ve chosen the privacy fence idea that will work best for your space and those who enjoy it, Orange Fence is here to help you with this project! Plus, if you are looking for a privacy fence near New Haven or Fairfield, visit the Orange Fence showroom for your home or business property. You can find a variety of privacy fence options and create a private, secluded outdoor space for your property. For DIY fencing products, residential fencing services, or commercial fencing solutions, contact us today. We look forward to consulting on your project with you, and we offer no cost and no obligation estimates. With over 90 years in the fencing industry, Orange Fence looks forward to providing you with our award-winning services!  

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