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Gardens have the power to delight our senses with vivid colors and distinct fragrances that add a personal aesthetic to our yards. But the joys of gardening extend far beyond the visual. More than just a rewarding hobby, gardening yields tangible benefits as well. From physical exercise by tending to the soil and plants to peace of mind working in the fresh air, gardening offers something for mind and body. Garden gates and fences help highlight your hard work by adding to the overall aesthetics and charm. Whether you’re aiming for a rustic and whimsical look with a wooden gate or a more modern and sleek appearance with metal, the right garden gate can beautifully frame your botanical haven. In addition to the visual appeal, garden gates also provide a functional purpose, making them unique.

What are Garden Gates?

Simply put, garden gates establish an entrance or doorway that provides access to a garden or outdoor space. However, garden gates are more than just entryways into landscapes and outdoor spaces. Incorporated correctly, they double as decorative elements and offer some important functional purposes.

Additionally, the gate style, size, and material should be chosen to suit the overall aesthetic of the garden, which means custom gates that showcase your garden are a great option. With some personalization, your desired garden gate will provide the desired level of privacy and match the overall design of your home. Finally, proper installation with sturdy posts and quality hardware ensures smooth operation and longevity that will enhance the decorative aspect and functional purpose of the gate.

Decorative Purposes of Garden Gates

While the customization of a gate or garden fence will vary, incorporated correctly, they work to transform your property and highlight your garden.

  • Acts as a focal point and adds visual interest to the garden
  • Complements the style of the home or landscape design
  • Allows for intricate designs, archways, or decorative hardware
  • Frames views and creates a sense of transition from one space to another

Functional Purposes of Garden Gates

In addition to enhancing the visual appeal of your garden, these gates also offer a functional purpose around security.

  • Allows entry and exit into the garden area
  • Provides security by controlling access
  • Keeps pets or children contained within the garden
  • Prevents unwanted visitors or animals from entering

What are the Most Popular Materials for Garden Gates?

Garden gates come in various materials, but the most popular are wood and metal. At a high level, wooden garden gates offer a warm, natural look. Conversely, metal garden gates offer more durability and security. However, both are popular because each of them can be designed with different styles such as picket, lattice, and slat, along with incorporating any specific custom features. 

Wooden Garden Gates

  • Cedar – A softer wood that is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects due to high oil content and tends to turn silver if left uncoated.
  • Redwood – Known for its red-brown color, this is a moderately hard wood that provides some durability against inclement weather with routine treatment.
  • Oak – A dense hardwood with a tight grain that is long-lasting and offers protection against insect attacks and UV rays.
  • Iroko – Like Oak, a hardwood that offers great protection against inclement weather (rain, snow) and insect damage.

Ultimately, there is no wrong or bad choice with the type of wood used for your garden gate. Each material offers protection against the elements, which is required for any gate or fence in New England. When thinking about a wooden garden gate, then homeowners should consider the balance between the desired appearance to match your home or garden and the required maintenance.

Metal Garden Gates

Primarily known for their longevity and security, metal garden gates also offer personalization and a range of maintenance needs.

  • Steel – Known for its strength, these are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and with routine maintenance to prevent corrosion
  • Aluminum – Known for being lightweight yet sturdy, these are made as a low-maintenance metal gate option because they are naturally rust-resistant.
  • Wrought Iron – Known for its classic, ornate and decorative look, these are made for constant use and also require routine maintenance to prevent rust and corrosion.

Like wooden garden gates, there is no poor choice when selecting a metal garden gate. Each material provides sufficient strength against the elements, so homeowners may want to find a balance between durability and maintenance when choosing. 

A well-constructed garden fence acts as a barrier against wind, harsh weather, and trampling, protecting delicate plants and flowers from damage. It also helps control the spread of invasive plants and weeds, allowing you to maintain a healthier and more vibrant garden with less effort.

Custom Garden Gates with Orange Fence

If you are looking for a custom garden gate, then Orange Fence has the knowledge, expertise and local experience to build the gate you desire. With over 90 years of fencing service experience for residential and commercial residents in Southern Connecticut, we bring expertise and can help you design a custom gate or fence for your needs.

Our custom gate and fence work provides clients with the unique opportunity to make this property feature both a functional and stylistic enhancement of your garden. Its personalized design can add an extra special touch to your space and further highlight the incredible landscape into which it has been integrated. We look forward to collaborating with you on your upcoming project, so please contact Orange Fence today to start collaborating on your custom garden gate or fence installation!

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