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Trash enclosures can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your property.

Trash cans may not look nice, but we all need them. They frequently get knocked over, by strong winds or uninvited animal visitors, leaving homeowners with a mess to clean up. Avoid the hassle of picking up trash with a garbage enclosure from Orange Fence! This clever solution allows you to hide your unattractive cans while keeping out unwanted pests.

Your garbage enclosure panels should match your home, so it does not stand out but gives a clean look to your property. It is a good idea to correlate the gate and posts with the panels and be sure the enclosure is tall and low enough to the ground. A pest deterrent enclosure will prevent any large or small animals from getting into your garbage and creating a big mess. The gate of your enclosure should be secured and not have any large gaps near the gate latch or all-around in between panels. This will create a more attractive look and will keep out animals.

Placing your enclosure in the correct spot can be tricky. Choose a spot on your property that does not force you to walk too far to throw away your trash and a spot where service vehicles have unobstructed access to your trash. If you cannot decide on a location, Orange Fence & Supply is here to help!

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