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Winter is just around the corner and many of us prefer staying warm inside to going outside, but on the warmer days, get outside and check on your fence!

Before the snow starts to pile up it is always a good idea to stain your wooden fence or apply a fresh coat. Adding a stain to your wooden fence will protect it against rain, snow, and sleet. Keeping out moisture will ensure your wooden fence’s life expectancy, so it will not rot or become moldy.

As the first snowfall approaches, it is a good idea to cut any tree limbs that are hanging over your fence. These tree limbs can get weighed down by the snow, causing them to snap, fall, and damage your fence.

After checking above your fence, check below for any leftover leaves that may have piled up. Leaf piles against wooden and vinyl fencing create extra moisture, which can lead to post-warping. Unwanted visitors may use leaf piles as a warm winter home too!

As the winter season progresses and the snow starts to pile up, clear some of the snowdrifts away from your fence, which will allow your fence to dry once the snow starts to melt. Also, consider adding reflectors to your fence to alert snow plows not to get too close.

When spring approaches and the winter season comes to an end, your fence may need a good cleaning. Check back here for tips on how to best clean your wood and vinyl fencing!

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