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When people think of vinyl, fencing and gates may not be the first thing to come to mind. Often when we hear vinyl, we think of plastic, pleather goods, or the old vinyl records for the turntable. However, more and more homeowners consider vinyl as a beneficial option and material for the home’s fencing. A detour from more traditional materials, such as ornamental iron or wood, vinyl is a versatile choice with many benefits.

What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is manmade and a type of plastic. Also known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), this synthetic material was considered a major breakthrough at its discovery and, according to Chemistry Views, is the third-most widely produced plastic and used in a variety of applications, such as packaging and building. Since its discovery, vinyl is a popular choice for its many benefits.

5 Benefits of Vinyl

From construction to medical to our own homes, we can find PVC vinyl in many applications. This multi-purpose thermoplastic polymer is more than just versatile, it is durable and more affordable than traditional alternatives, such as wood. Below you can find more reasons why more and more people choose vinyl fence gates for their home.

Attractive Design Options

Homeowners want gate options that fit their style preference and needs. Vinyl fence gates come in several different styles to complement the fence and aesthetic of the home. You can take your pick from wood grain, elegant and curved shapes, or simple and smooth. Vinyl fence gates are available in a variety of color finishes, so you can choose a darker elegant color vinyl or minimalist, white, and crisp. And with a selection of heights, you can get as much or as little privacy as you like. 

Low Maintenance

Vinyl fence gates are the perfect choice for homeowners who prefer low maintenance options for their home. These long lasting fence applications stand up to time and the elements. When a vinyl fence gate gets dirty, such as after a heavy storm, they clean easily with water and soap.

Affordable Price Point

Vinyl is an affordable fence option for many homeowners and often comes with a manufacturer warranty. And because of its extreme durability and minimal maintenance, you spend less money (and time) than you would with a wood, chain link, or ornamental iron fence gate. In the long run, when considering maintenance, such as painting, staining, or treatments, a vinyl fence gate is a more affordable option and can last for years to come.

Easy Installation

Because vinyl fencing is manufactured in prefabricated panels or board-and-rail systems, many find the components easy to assemble. Measurement is key with vinyl gate installation. Things to keep in mind include, maintaining clearance between the ground and vinyl gate so it will easily open and close, lining up gate posts and drill holes, and securing the hinges. You can find all the DIY materials, parts, and advice you need for your vinyl fence gate at Orange Fence & Supply. And, of course, we can professionally install your gate with expert fencing solutions.

Recyclable Material

Often when we hear the word “plastic”, we think of how plastics can affect the environment. Because of their long lifespan and extreme durability against pests, rust, and rot, vinyl fence gates require fewer chemicals than wood fence gates, and, consequently, put fewer chemicals into our environment. And, vinyl fencing is a recyclable material. So rather than throw out leftover materials, people can take vinyl fencing materials to their local recycling center or return to the manufacturer. Avoid placing leftover vinyl fence materials in the trash. Many municipalities prohibit this and it’s a rather easy process to recycle and help the environment.

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For over 9 decades, Orange Fence & Supply has designed, installed, and maintained beautiful fences across the Southern Connecticut area. As one of the best fencing companies in the industry, we can develop the best fencing solutions for your needs. From commercial fencing applications, such as secure power gate options to residential needs, including garden and pool fencing, we can design and install the right fencing for your needs.

For more information, or to learn more about how a vinyl fence gate in CT may be the right choice for you, get in touch with the helpful team at Orange Fence & Supply. Get a free estimate today by calling us today or visiting our fence showroom in Orange, CT.

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