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Move that can-do-spring-cleaning attitude to the backyard! Check out our list of the top 4 things to do to your outdoor living space in preparation for warmer days.

Spring Yard Clean Up Checklist

1. Rethink your landscape

Don’t be afraid to remove and move elements that aren’t working in your yard. If every year you wish that veggie garden was a little closer to the house, use this time to move it! Do you have all of the privacy you want? If not, consider a fence, shrubbery, or a new tree. 

2. Repair your hardscape

We always recommend taking a good look at your hardscape. Survey any rocks, patios, walkways, pavers, boxes around planters, fences, gates, arbors, gazebos, and more that need repair. Chances are that winter conditions have weathered wood, paint, and other hardscape elements. If your fencing has any broken fence slats or loose posts, give us a call. You’ll need to ensure the structure itself is safe and ready for another season!

3. Manicure your lawn

Give your lawn a deep raking to remove dead grass and leaves. Then, aerate to get the compacted ground ready for spring showers. Before fertilizing, fill in bare grass spots with turf builder or by seeding. The grass can always be greener on your side of the fence!

4. Clean up your gardens

Finally, it’s time to remove any extra mulch or burlap used to protect plants during the cold months. Clean up dead leaves, twigs, and other debris around gardens and in your yard in general. Turn over winter soil and add any fertilizer or any additional soil needed for new plants. Don’t forget to give trees and shrubs some shaping—but be sure to wait until spring-blooming trees have had a chance to bloom before pruning.

As you review your spring yard clean up checklist, consider whether you call in a crew or do the work yourself. These spring backyard maintenance tips will have your outdoor space summer-ready in no time!

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