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Rusty Fence Repair: How to Restore a Rusting Fence

A sturdy fence enhances your property, but also provides safe, secure boundaries from neighbors and traffic. Upon the initial fence installation, your property looks fantastic. Or, perhaps, you rest a little easier knowing your family has a safe play area.
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Types of Garden Gates & How They Elevate Your Yard

Gardens have the power to delight our senses with vivid colors and distinct fragrances that add a personal aesthetic to our yards. But the joys of gardening extend far beyond the visual. More than just a rewarding hobby, gardening yields
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How Custom Driveway Gates Enhance Your Property & Security

Driveway gates improve your property’s curb appeal and security. Additionally, with custom gates, you’ll add a beautiful aesthetic to your home unlike anyone else’s because you can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and design options that fit your
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Embrace Garden Season: Why May is the Perfect Time to Install a Garden Fence

With warmer temperatures and longer days ahead, now is the perfect time to focus on your outdoor space and unleash your creativity in the garden. At Orange Fence, we believe that May is not only a time for planting and
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The Best Fence Materials for Different Needs and Uses

After determining a location for a fencing installation, the next step in a fencing project is to choose the best fencing material and style for this project. At Orange Fence, we understand the importance of selecting the best fence for
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How to Clean a Vinyl Fence

Regarding the type of fences that enhance curb appeal, home improvement resource, House Digest, shares that vinyl fencing is such a popular choice because of its clean lines and minimal maintenance needs. In fact, aside from any fence repairs that
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Custom Metal Gates: 4 Reasons to Choose Them!

Would personalizing your fencing and gate installations better serve the unique needs of your property or building design? Are you looking for additional security features for your home or business? A custom gate may be the perfect solution for your
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How Security Gates for Your Business Protect Your Business

Orange Fence is a family-owned company who has been in the fencing profession for over 90 years. Consequently, we know very well that starting and growing a successful business requires all kinds of investments, including protecting company property. In addition
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Can You Install a Fence in the Winter?

Typically, we think about spring and summer as the ideal seasons to install a new fence, but what about winter? While the weather is warmer in other seasons and the “busy” season, winter fence installations offer some unique advantages. To
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Best Types of Wood For Fences

Fences are an important investment in the overall value of your property, as well as the utility and appearance of your landscape. In addition to chain link and vinyl, many homeowners choose wood as their preferred fence material. But, how
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